Ricardo Prisco was a Colombian dentist and drug trafficker who was the older brother of Edgar Prisco and two other brothers, as well as a Medellin Cartel associate.

Ricardo Prisco was born in Medellin, Colombia, and he was a respected member of the medical community, unlike his frivolous brother Edgar Prisco and his two other brothers. However, Prisco and his brothers were actually criminals, and they were one of the gangs affiliated with the Medellin Cartel collective of Pablo Escobar. In 1992, Prisco betrayed a friend named Jaime when he led Escobar straight to his lab, where Escobar shot him in the head with a pistol. Prisco returned to working for Escobar, becoming one of his newest allies after his escape from prison. Search Bloc killed three of the brothers in a raid on a billiards house in Medellin, throwing flashbangs into the building; they tracked them down after the foolish Edgar used Ricardo's satellite phone to make calls to Escobar. However, Prisco managed to escape into the city's slums.

Prisco would later become Escobar's personal physician, prescribing him dosages of medicine to deal with his stress levels and a fainting that he had when his family left him to go to Germany. Prisco told Escobar that he would be loyal to him until his death, and he would decide to fulfill this promise by embarking on a near-suicidal assault on the Cali Cartel at Montecasino.

Prisco, la Quica, and the accountant Rojas were sent to a slum in Medellin to collect every last cent of Escobar's money to hire mercenaries for the massive attack, which would target the Cali Cartel, the leaders of Los Pepes, and Gallon Gang, which considered joining forces with Los Pepes. Prisco joked with Rojas, telling him to save some of the money for the market. He then turned to see Diaz entering the building, and Prisco asked him if he should be watching the car. He did not complete his sentence when Diaz drew a gun and shot him several times, reasoning that he would not embark on a suicide mission.