Maritza was a friend of Limón who he asked to ride in the back of his taxi as a cover while Pablo Escobar was hiding in the trunk. When one of the prostitutes ratted out La Quica, he proceeded to shoot all the prostitutes and then came after Maritza believing it was her who ratted him out. She then took her daughter to her mother's farm out of the city to hide from him.

Limón found her and told her that they could turn Pablo into the police. She called the police believing that she was turning in Pablo, but it ended up being a trap, and Colonel Carrillo was killed. She receives money from Pablo for her unintentional help in the ambush.

Limón comes to see Maritza at her mother's farm to take back the money that Pablo gave her. They get into an argument, and Limón shoots her in front of her daughter who was sitting on the bed.