Los Pepes is the sixth episode of the second season of Narcos.


The newly-formed Los Pepes want to destroy Pablo and his empire. Tata's brother urges her to leave and seek safety with her children.



Guest StarringEdit


  • Jorge Monterrosa as Trujillo
  • Ariel Sierra as Sure Shot
  • Julián Díaz as Blackie
  • Andrés Felipe Torres as Carlos Henao
  • Jairo Ordoñez as Jairo
  • Federico Rivera as Ricardo Prisco
  • Mauricio Meija as Carlos Castaño
  • Gustavo Angarita as Fidel Castaño
  • Mauricio Cujar as Don Berna
  • Juan Pablo Shuk as Colonel Martinez
  • Sebastián Vega as Hugo Martinez Jr.
  • German Jaramillo as Gustavo De Greiff
  • Juan Murcia as Juan Pablo Escobar
  • María José Sanchez Real as Manuela
  • Yesi García as Manuel
  • Karen Carabalí as Carmelita
  • Cristina Restrepo as Paula
  • Abril Schreiber as Marta Orejuela
  • Marcela Gallego as Mrs. Orejuela
  • Vera Mercado as Ana Gaviria
  • Jose Lombana as Diego
  • Camilo Amores as Cesar
  • Alejandro Gutiérrez as Presidential Aide
  • Maria Camila Rincón as News Reporter
  • Merena Dimont as Jairo's Mom
  • Greta Rodríguez as Old Woman
  • Javier Saenz as Advisor #2
  • Javier Achury as Search Block Officer
  • Jean Pierre Oñate as Brother
  • Manuel Murillo as Father
  • Daniel Posada as Embassy Staffer
  • Manuel Montiel Hernández as Motorist
  • Juan Raul Sierra as Young Man

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