Limón was a former pimp and taxi driver in Medellín who became one of the most loyal and prominent members on the Medellín Cartel.

Limón is first seen when he is chosen by La Quica as the man who can move Pablo on the back of his taxi, due to the fact that he has not any criminal past. Limón accepts and takes his friend Maritza with him in the taxi, along with hidden Pablo Escobar.

After one of his prostitutes call the police for the presence of Quica, all the women are murdered and Limón starts to look for Maritza with Quica, but Limón helps her to escape to a farm. Short after, Limón uses Maritza to make an ambush on colonel Horacio Carrillo, killing him and most of his men. Maritza is safe and she receives money from Escobar.

Limón becomes personal driver for Pablo during the rest of his time. He´s the last men that keeps loyal to him, taking Pablo to his dad´s farm. Limón finds Maritza again in the farm, asking for the money that Pablo gave her, they have an arguement and Limón kills his friend Maritza.

They got back to Medellín, Limón looks over Pablo at the house till the police enters. Limón fights to protect his boss, killing several agents but is fatally shot while they were trying to escape on the roof, shortly before Pablo being also killed.