Ivan Torres was a Colombian history professor who became a leader of the M-19 revolutionary movement during the Colombian conflict. He was the leader in the Palace of Justice siege in 1985, having made a partnership with narcotics trafficker Pablo Escobar, but Torres was killed by Escobar and his men after Torres and the surviving guerrillas returned to Torres' flat.

Ivan Torres was a history professor who knew little about guerrilla warfare, but he decided to become a communist revolutionary. Torres founded M-19 as a revolutionary movement that would overthrow the Colombian government, and Torres, his comrade Alejandro, and Alejandro's girlfriend Elisa stole the sword of Simon Bolivar from a museum; they even left a note, saying "Bolivar, your sword returns to the battlefield." Torres and his movement fought against the Colombian Army in a campaign of guerrilla warfare, and in 1981 he decided to extort money from the drug cartels by kidnapping the sister of drug lord Jorge Luis Ochoa. However, he was forced to free Ochoa after he found the bodies of M-19 members back at camp and a warning from Pablo Escobar written in blood on his flag. Torres came to Escobar's mansion with the Sword of Bolivar and told him that he could finish what he started with the sword, but Escobar instead thanked him for the gift and promised to protect him and his family, working as Torres' partner in the struggle to liberate Colombia. he met with Escobar at his house and agreed to a partnership with him to fight until the end, which Escobar called a "historical commitment" to the leftist cause. Torres led around 40 guerrillas, heavily armed and financed by Escobar, to take over the Palace of Justice building and burn the files that the DEA had on Escobar. The Palace of Justice siege succeeded, and Torres and three of his men returned to their apartment. Escobar showed up with money to pay Torres and his men, and he also gave the Sword of Bolivar back to Torres, telling him to continue the fight as he returned to Panama until things cooled over. However, Escobar and his men drew guns and shot the M-19 guerrillas dead and took the briefcase and sword back, tying up loose ends.