Gerda Salazar was a Colombian drug smuggler and one of the leaders of the Norte del Valle cartel.

Despite her age, she was an influential cartel boss, coming second to only Orlando Henao Montoya. As a result of her powers, her children quickly rose through the ranks to be powerful enforcers. One of her sons, Claudio was killed by Cali Cartel boss Helmer Herrera to resolve a dispute, and Claudio's wife would later become the mistress of another Cali boss Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela. Under Miguel's orders, Navegante and Jorge Salcedo kidnap Claudio's son from Gerda at gunpoint.

After Cali's de facto leader Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela was arrested by the police, she and Orlando Henao notice a weakness in the Cali cartel and begin to plan their ascension into power. Under her request, Orlando contacts the Mexican smuggler and Cali cartel ally Amado Carrillo Fuentes and they both forge a partnership in which the Mexican would smuggle only Norte del Valle products. Fuentes also gives away Herrera's location, and Gerda sends a hit squad to take them out. Herrera survives the attempt, but his his brother is paralyzed for life.

After the DEA successfully clamp down on Cali activities, Herrera decides to surrender, but not before assaulting Gerda's hideout and killing all of her surviving sons before shooting her in the face with his pistol after she mocked his brother for being a 'half-man'.