Claudio Salazar was a high-ranking member of the Norte del Valle cartel before his death at the hands of the Cali Cartel in 1994.


Born to Gerda Salazar, a notorious smuggler and one of the leaders of the Norte del Valle cartel; Claudio immersed himself with the activities of the cartel at a very young age.

Sometime in the 1980s, he started doing business with Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela of the rising Cali Cartel. He soon develops an animosity towards the young and successful smuggler Helmer Herrera, and openly insults the latter's homosexuality, starting a feud.

In 1994, Claudio and his wife are invited to a party hosted by the Rodriguez brothers in Cali. During the party, Gilberto makes a controversial announcement about the surrender deal which was brokered between the cartels and the government, which forced all cartels to cease operations within six months in exchange for lenient prison sentences. Claudio, just like most of the Norte del Valle leadership, isn't pleased with the deal and later at the hotel apartment, rants about it to his wife before going out to a bar. The conversation is taped and sent to the Cali cartel leadership. Miguel Rodriguez, who hated the way Claudio treated the wife convinced Gilberto that it would be safe to kill Claudio than be sorry. Seizing the oppurtunity, Helmer Herrera and his gang confront Claudio; where they present him with a bottle of wine. Helmer dances with a patron of the bar, before returning to the table to share the wine with Claudio. Instead, to take revenge, Helmer ends up smashing his head with the bottle and chaining his body to four motorcycles moving away from each other, quartering him. Claudio's body is later covered with chicken wire and dropped into the river, to feed the fish.

Claudio's wife, Maria later marries Miguel, and later has Jorge Salcedo and Navegante kidnap his son from Gerda. After Miguel's imprisonment, Maria marries Claudio's partner and fellow cartel member Orlando Henao.