Abel de Jesús Escobar Echeverri is a Colombian farmer and Pablo Escobar's father.

Abel was separated from his wife Hermilda Gaviria just a couple of years after Pablo's birth, leading the future drug lord to move to the town of Medellin. As a result, Pablo grew without his father and became the man of the house at a very young age.

Abel lived in solitude and worked hard by farming and taking care of livestock and poultry. He was frequently questioned by the police and other drug cartels about Pablo's whereabouts. His old age prevented them from killing him.

Sometime in late 1993, he is visited by his son, now a weakened fugitive on-the-run. Despite contempt for his son's occupation, Abel gladly accepts Pablo and his driver Limón into the farm, providing them with food and work. However one day, Abel finally snaps at his son and berates him for being a violent, murderous criminal. The former drug lord, in return, lambastes his father for living like a hermit, without having a single photograph of his children or grandchildren. Pablo then says that he made the Escobar family name so famous that even the U.S. President is aware of it, and then walks away. Later that night, Abel notices Pablo and Limon driving away; leaving a stack of US dollars and photographs of Pablo's children in the hall.